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Silvia Hantea, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher


Silvia Hantea

I am Silvia

I am a woman , 

I am a mother to 4 absolutely breathtaking children that are my biggest expanders, 

I am a guide in sacred systems of Astrology and Human design.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher. 

I am a Shadow work advocate specializing in emotional triggers. 

I am an Ishtara teacher. 

I am a human

I am 

My journey just like yours started long ago when I decided to incarnate on this planet to experience many facets of the Embodied I am.

To be in my body was unsafe, heavy, disorienting, depressing to say the least. 

I was born intuitive, but I didn’t know that. Actually for most part of my life I thought everyone was like me. But I was a walking intuition attuned to everything and everyone around me, completely dissociated, and pulled in every direction. It was an exhausting survival.

My first spiritual awakening happened through a Reiki session back in 2013 , that was the moment I remembered who I was spiritually. I recognized myself as an energetic being , as an intuitive guide, and channel. I knew one day I will become a Reiki Teacher and help others awaken to their Spiritual Journey. And I did that! 

My second potent awakening happened in my own Body through Ishtara . This work took me back home into my body in the safest way possible where I experienced true belonging I always longed for.

You see I was born in Moldova in a very abusive household. To be as intuitive as I was and to experience complex trauma, including physical and sexual abuse since I was very little in my own family, was the perfect combination that took me out of my body very early on.

I never had a felt experience of belonging and being seen. Shadow work allowed me to see all the disowned parts of myself and integrate them on a psychological level. I’ve done deep Shadow work for 10 years to heal so much of my trauma. But when I experienced the potency of Ishtara I was blown away. 


Bringing back to myself parts I left behind in my own body is such a Grounding, such an Awakened, and such a Potent way. It was something I couldn’t even imagine being possible. 

Healing my nervous system with movement in such a gentle yet powerful way with such immediate results?! This work gets to reach as many people as possible, I thought. 

I knew I will become an Ishtara teacher soon enough.

And Here I am! 

My deepest desire is for everyone who enters my field to have the opportunity to learn and use this work. 

I am so exited to be your guide on your Ishtara Journey and witness your glorious returning back home to your Body and celebrate your most ecstatic embodied awakening.


To Embodied Life! 



"Silvia has a remarkable gift as a guide and facilitator for women's empowerment through shadow work and embodiment practices. I have been on my path of healing and self actualization for 20 years and was blown away at the profound experience she led myself and a small group through. A whole new world has opened up for me through my body and senses, I feel free on a cellular level from past traumas and stories that have finally alchemized. I am so grateful to Silvia for the work she's offering and the unique leader she is - the space she co-creates and facilitates is deep, true and beautiful." - Sacha Sterling  

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