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Be moved by your body.

We teach you to follow your body on a path that leads you to love yourself, to feel your beauty, to know your worth, to own your power, to surrender to life, to remember who you are, and become free. If it sounds life changing, that's because it is.

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Love your body.

You will transform the way you see your body and yourself in Ishtara Body Alchemy. We teach you how to use movement to release emotions and restore your natural states of love, power, and joy in your body and your life.

Learn her story.

The story of your past is stored as an emotional pattern in your body and repeats in your life in your ways of relating to love, money, and self. Learn to transform the patterns in your body with movement and music.

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Learn Ishtara Body Alchemy

Ishtara Body Alchemy is a 6-week course that teaches you how to transform yourself by following the wisdom of your body in 15 minute movement journeys.



“I’ve done a lot of development work over the past 15 years and this was the most transformational experience of my life. I honestly feel it’s essential for all women.”


I understood my emotions but they didn't change. Being able to feel the emotion in your body is the most powerful way to shift it and change it in your life.


I moved through emotions I have been unable to face for years and healed decades of trauma that kept me stuck. Body Alchemy has been a life changing gift. 


Body Alchemy has changed my world in a positive way so quickly. The transformation in my life is faster than anything else that I have tried. And I tried everything.  


The benefit of Body Alchemy in my life is freedom and owning my power. I now better understand who I am, who I want to be and who I was born to be. 


I am so excited for all the women that Body Alchemy helps. I keep saying it over and over again - this is single handedly the best thing I have ever done for myself. 

Start your Journey.

Ishtara Body Alchemy is the first step on your journey. You will learn all the principles and practices in just 6 weeks in a live virtual classes. Each series is limited to 6 women and personalized to you. 


​Your Ishtara Body Alchemy Course Includes:

  • 6 weeks of virtual classes taught live

  • Limited to 6 women

  • Personalized to you and your body

  • 100 page guidebook with at home practices

  • Movement practice in class

  • Curated music for your body

  • Individual movement coaching

  • Trauma informed education and resources

  • Body Story Reading

  • Love, support, and safety


Transform your relationship to your body.

Body Love

2 hrs via zoom

Your body loves you. Your body is a love story. Your body lives to give you pleasure and keep you safe.  In this module, you will learn to love your body and yourself in a deep and lasting way. A loving relationship with your body can be so much more than just accepting the way your body looks or the size of your body. You can create a deep relationship with your body. And I promise you, the more you fall in love with your body, the more you will love your life.  

Transform your emotions with movement.

Body Talk

2 hrs via zoom

Your body is talking. Emotions are the voice of your body and movement is the vocabulary. Our emotions have meaning and are messenger of what we need to survive and thrive. In this module, you will learn to listen more deeply to the emotional voice of your body and to understand what your emotions are really saying. You will learn to transform your emotions through movement and music and to understand the the purpose of the primal emotions of anger, sadness, and fear.

Transform your body memory of your past.

Body Memory

2 hrs via zoom

Your body remembers. We normally think of memory as our brain's ability to remember facts, data, and our autobiography. Your body also has memory. You may be familiar with muscle memory. Our body also has emotional memory. Our body remembers every emotional experience as feelings, sensations, patterns of breathing, and patterns of contraction in our muscles. In this module, you learn how to use movement for personal transformation.

Transform your relationship to love, money, and self.

Body Story

2 hrs via zoom

Your body creates your reality. Are you suffering in a pattern? Is it with money? Is it in relationships? And maybe you're frustrated because you feel like you've tried everything - therapy, self-help books, yoga, meditation, and all the trainings.​ In this module, you learn how your relational body is creating many patterns in your life and how you can use movement to transform the way you relate to love, money, power, and worth.

Transform your reality and create your desires.

Body Magic

2 hrs via zoom

Your body is magic. Your body is a powerful creator. You can shape your reality with your body. For example, studies show that 70% or more of all communication is coming from the body and not your words. This is just one way that your body determines how you feel about yourself and how others treat you. In this module, you will learn how to remove the blocks to what you desire and how to turn on the power of your body to create the results you desire in your life. 

Love your body and yourself in a new way. 

Body Soul

2 hrs via zoom

Your body meets your soul. Do you ever wonder who you are and why you are here? The answer is waiting in your body. Your body remembers you. She remembers who you truly are because she was with you before you were born. You can remember who you are too by practicing Ishtara. In this module, we learn the practices for radiating your soul to your body and celebrate you at the completion of your journey by giving you a reflection of your body story. 

Start your journey.

Begin your Ishtara Body Alchemy journey today - or schedule a free introduction for more information on the course by filling out the contact form below.

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Contact us for a free introduction.

Contact us for information on a free introduction to Ishtara Body Alchemy or to ask us questions about our courses.

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