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Join a course.

Start your journey in a beginning course.

Ishtara Move

Learn to transform your emotions with movement and music in this 4-week journey. Your course includes live instruction, guided movement, and a digital guidebook. 

Ishtara Body Alchemy

Our signature 6-week Ishtara journey teaches you to transform your emotions, patterns, and your past with movement and includes live instruction, and a 100 page digital guidebook.

Continue your journey in advanced courses.

Ishtara Body Trinity

Learn your body personality and how to use movement to increase your confidence and create your desires. Includes 6-weeks of live instruction, movement, curated playlists, and course materials.

Ishtara Series

Continue to grow in your practice in an Ishtara Series. Each series is 6-weeks and includes body readings from a licensed Ishtara teacher, movement practice, connection and celebration in a group of 6.

Ishtara Soul

Discover your true nature and create a sacred relationship with your body and yourself. You will be mentored by Tracy in this 6-month virtual journey that includes an in person luxury retreat. 

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