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Ishtara journey.


Ishtara Journey!

The Ishtara Journey is a personalized program that combines privates sessions and a custom practice design created by Tracy with 3 months of practice in a small group of just 4 people.

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Ishtara Journey. Let's get personal.

Are you ready to unblock an area of your life so you can create a specific desire? We go deep together over 3 months in a personalized program designed specially for you and your body story.

Designed to unlock a specific desire.

Your body is the key to unlocking your desires. You can create results such as these in with personal support in just 90 days:

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Body of Love.

Unblock your limitations in love. Deepen your self love or open to new possibilities in relationship.

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Body of Money.

Unblock your relationship to money and shift patterns around scarcity or fear of money.

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Body of Power.

Unleash your power. Increase you ability to set boundaries and show up powerfully for yourself.

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How it works.

You can make powerful shifts from the body up in 90 days. Each personalized Ishtara Journey gives you a way to specifically create a desire over 3 months with support from Tracy. 


2 private sessions with Tracy.

Your 3 month journey starts with a private session with Tracy. Together, we will explore your specific desire and uncover any blocks in your nervous system.


10 sessions, just 4 people.

Your journey includes 10 practice sessions of 2 hours each with just 4 people so you get more time per person and personalized guidance from Tracy.


Custom practice design.

Next, Tracy will create a custom practice design for you to follow over the 3 months. We also meet for a second private session to make any changes based on your practice.


Real results in 90 days.

You can create a breakthrough in 90 days as we combine your consistent practice with my 10 plus years experience in transforming from the body up.


Start your journey!

Claim your spot in a journey with Tracy. If you are interested in a payment plan options or questions, please email Tracy at

  • Tuesdays 10am -12pm MST

    Starts Sep 10

    2,488 US dollars

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