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Join an Ishtara Event.

Open the Gate.

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8/8 Gate Event - Free to all Ishtara Students

A portal opens on 8/8 each year when the earth aligns with Sirius and Orion. It is called the Lion's Gate and is said to initiate us into a season that is ripe for creating our desires.

You are invited to join Tracy on 8/8 at 8pm EST | 7pm CST | 6pm MST | 5pm PST for a beautiful ritual to open the gate to our desires for next year. You will experience guided mediations and movement experiences that bring you to the heart of your desire and teach you how to seed it in your body - a powerful method of creation called Body Magic.


At this event, we will also reveal the Ishtara Star path that is coming in 2024. The event is free as my gift to you as a thank you for being a part of Ishtara.

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