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Our path.

Ishtara is a path of the body that leads you on a journey of self discovery. We created this path as a way become your truest self who is loving, powerful, and free.


Ishtara shows you how to transform the way you conduct your energy in your body. As with all practices in the body, you reshape your body by consistent practice over time.

Ishtara is a trauma informed way to deepen into your body. We designed the path carefully so you can transform in a safe way by learning to transform your emotions and patterns in your nervous system.

Ishtara Body Alchemy I and II give you all the principles and practices you need to follow your own body as your teacher and guide. For those who desire to continue their journey as a spiritual practice, we offer Ishtara Body Alchemy III. You can continue your own personal practice for life using our experiential guidebooks. If you desire to continue practicing with the expert guidance of a teacher in small groups, you can take the Ishtara Series every season of the year. 

*Ishtara does not offer therapy. If you feel you need support in therapy, please consult with a licensed therapist.

Ishtara Body Alchemy I

Discover your Body Story.

Ishtara Move teaches you the art of transforming emotions through movement. You will learn the principles of emotional alchemy and how to  practice moving in meditation over this 4-week journey into your body. Your course includes live instruction, guided movement journeys, and a digital guidebook. 

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Ishtara Body Alchemy II

Discover your Body Personality.

Ishtara Body is our signature journey for learning the principles and practices of transforming your body memory with movement. Ishtara Body is offered to groups of women and men separately to create a safe container for sensitive topics. You are welcome to join a class that feels the most supportive to the way you identify your gender or reach out to us for additional ways to learn. 


Ishtara Body is offered in 2 levels - Ishtara Body Alchemy and Ishtara Body Trinity. You can take these journeys together or separately. You can also choose to only take Ishtara Body Alchemy.

Ishtara Body Alchemy is a 6-week journey to learn transform your psychology in your body and combines live instruction in body psychology with movement practice in safely guided small groups. You will learn your Body Story and receive curated music, playlists, at home practices, and a100 page guidebook. Ishtara Body Alchemy is a highly trauma informed journey and attendance at each session is required. 

No Prerequisite

Ishtara Body Trinity is a 6-week journey to learn your Body Personality and teaches you to own your power and set yourself free through movement. You will learn the body psychology of your patterns of relating to yourself and others and a method for owning your power, owning your voice, owning your pleasure, and freeing yourself from shame, people pleasing, over giving, self doubting, and more. 

Prerequisite: Ishtara Body Alchemy. 

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Ishtara Body Alchemy III

Discover your Body Mythology.

Ishtara is a path of the body and your self discovery can expand and grow for life. The Ishtara Series is a way to continue transforming by practicing in small groups guided by licensed Ishtara Teachers. The Ishtara Series is a 6-week advanced practice that includes body readings from your teacher and witnessing, celebration, and connection from your group. If you desire to deepen your transformation, we encourage you to continue your practice in groups and guided by one of our expertly trained teachers. Plus, it's more fun that way. 

Prerequisite: Ishtara Body Alchemy

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