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Ishtara for experienced students.

You can always practice Ishtara on your own - and for those who love practicing in group, we have options to continue! Students who have completed Ishtara Body Alchemy can continue their practice in online practice groups and in person retreats.

Ways to practice.


Ishtara Series

The Isthara Series is a 6-week series for continued Isthara practice in small groups guided by Tracy or a licensed Ishtara Teacher. We update the schedule each season.


Ishtara Journey

The Ishtara Journey is a personalized program that combines privates sessions and custom practice design created by Tracy with 3 months of practice in a small group of just 4 people.


Ishtara Retreats

Are you craving in person experiences? Join us for a deeply transformational in person experience. Ishtara will be hosting more live retreats and high practice programs guided by Tracy. 

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