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Nereyda Martinez, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher

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Meet Nereyda

Nereyda is a woman, mother, storyteller, and devotee to the liberation of women's bodies. 


It always felt like a curse to be a woman. From the way I dressed to how I moved my body and expressed my emotions, nothing ever felt like it was mine to claim. 


Motherhood ripped me open. She was my greatest mirror and showed me that maybe I didn't want to keep living in a world that kept me disconnected from my body, this world that kept me fearful of my body and of my pleasure and sensuality. It kept me from feeling deeply and it kept me from getting to know the power within me that was always there remaining dormant, patiently waiting for me. 


Ishtara was my medicine that showed me the truth. My truth. Ishtara showed me the truth of who I am and ripped away all the layers from my upbringing, culture, society that kept trying to constrain me into who they expected me to be.


Because of Ishtara, I have walked courageously on this path of liberation. This path of liberation is a path of reclaiming my body as mine, releasing all that was never mine to carry, and enjoying all the pleasures of getting to live in this body of mine. This path that allows me to live freely without any guilt, shame, or fear of who I am.


We GET to connect deeply with our bodies, feeling deeply and listeningto her speak to us.


We GET to dance.


We GET to experience this dance of liberation that is our birthright. 


We GET to be our truest, most authentic, vulnerable selves. 


I am deeply honored to share this practice and walk alongside you on this most transformational path.  


So let's dance. Let's be free. Let's remember. 


¡Viva la mujer! 

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