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Casee Francis, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher


Meet Casee

From the day she entered this world, Casee has exuded wonder, awe, excitement, and joy. If ever a faerie energy were embodied in a human form, you would feel it in her.

A renaissance woman gifted with an array of talents and curiosities, Casee has developed a diverse palette of embodied knowledge, skills, and practices that she draws from.

From an early age, she found profound pleasure in movement, music, and especially dance. As a young girl she fiercely pursued ballet, following a path that brought her great joy, but also deep physical and emotional pain. Her dream to dance for world peace on the international stage as a professional dancer was smashed because her body shape didn’t fit the mold. The rigid philosophical structure of what a dancer should look like led to constant body shaming from her instructors and herself. She literally broke both her legs trying to lose weight in order to belong. In deep grief, anger and rebellion from losing her dream, she discovered and healed her body with the freedom and joy of pleasurable movement. Casee’s journey of transformation has led to a depth of understanding around the intricacies, challenges, beauty and power of the body to reclaim, heal and create that she now offers to others. Her reignited dream to dance for peace and healing lives on.

Naturally inclined to move into unknown terrain, Casee’s deep passion for living fully has led her to a multiplicity of roles including: Ballerina, Grateful Dead Head, Development Services Manager, Midwife, Garden Artist & Plant Whisperer, Pastry Chef + Cafe Owner, and her most loved and challenging role, Mother. Each of them have required her to learn new skills, interact with new people, process new ideas, and challenge her emotional and physical body. Not every exposure was positive and not every lesson learned painless. But each encounter has provided her with a depth of empathy and wisdom that she brings to her teaching.

Coupled with nearly 20 years of her own personal growth work, Casee brings these lived experiences and embodied knowledge to her practice with the Ishtara community.

If you are seeking a devoted loving presence who can see you and adore you as the magnificent being you are and are becoming, Casee would be honored to dance with and witness you on your exploration.

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