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Beth Clayton, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher

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Meet Beth

Beth teaches from fire and permission. 


In addition to being an Ishtara teacher, Beth is a Life & Leadership coach for women with 13 years of experience, a sacred guide for women’s circles, as well as a TEDx speaker and podcast host. 


Beth started as a performer, earning her MFA from Rutgers, Mason Gross School of the Arts. She spent the next 8 years performing Off-Broadway and in regional shows across the country. Trying to find a side gig for more security, she stumbled upon health coaching. Her biggest fear was that she would start to succeed and leave the world of acting (her deepest passion). She wasn’t expecting that she would fall equally in love with spaces of healing and transformation and the role of a coach and guide. 


She realized everything she felt on stage, the unity, the electricity, the liminal space, the potential to come in one person and leave another was a part of the coaching and healing spaces she found herself in. She fell deeply in love, leading hundreds of women through, at first food and body freedom transformations, and then to life, soul, and awakening journeys. 


A few years ago, on a retreat, she was introduced to embodiment work and sensual movement as a path to healing through the body, and everything she thought she knew about coaching and transformation was wildly and beautifully turned on its head. She experienced a Shakti awakening through the body and realized that the work through the body has always been her path, since she was a little wee one seeing theater for the first time and dying to express herself through her body. She felt a deep remembering.


Since then, she has studied Ishtara and sensual movement and felt called to deeper learning, and upon teaching her first Body Alchemy class, it felt like a deep homecoming. 

She continues to preach the power of the body as a tool for awakening, transformation, and manifestation and teaches from her innate fire and permission. Beth’s gifts are that she always asks women how good they are willing to get, she gives them permission to ask for more, and is deeply grounded in her fire. She is happy to light another women’s match or to hold the lantern a little further down the path for what is possible, and she will for you, too.

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