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Amy Staats, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher

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Meet Amy

Amy Staats is a playwright, TV writer, actor and Licensed Ishtara Teacher.

She lives in Brooklyn with her goth-folk rockstar husband Jeff and their two cats, Orlando, and James Carlos.

From Amy:

I never expected to be an Ishtara teacher, but this practice has been so helpful for me I felt called to share this work with you. 


I desire for you to live your life in your highest capacity. Especially now, the world needs us in our bravest and most full-hearted expression.


I was introduced to Ishtara during the pandemic by my friend, the fabulous coach Beth Clayton. I saw a video of her explaining that sometimes our body can manifest big things before our nervous system can hold what we've created.


This struck a chord with me.


I was a gymnast as a kid, then left home at sixteen to dance ballet, became an actor, and finally… kicking and screaming… a writer. In each art form, I have manifested "big things." In each art form, I would find the wildest and most delicious freedom in my body. But…


Each time, soon after I received the attention and success I craved, a dark cloud descended on me. This monster constricted my chest in a vice grip and flooded my body with shame. 


The worst part was this blocked the liquid smooth intuition that is and was my guide. I would muscle through, doing all I could to keep my inexplicable anxiety hidden. I was professional. But my process was torturous, not only for me but for my loved ones.


I did therapy. I took self-help courses. I wondered if it was possible for me to be an artist. Shouldn't doing what I love be fun? My talent seemed mercurial, not to be trusted. No matter how hard I tried, I had short bursts of success followed by long, dry stretches. I worked hard. Years went by. I felt a blank space in my belly where my self-confidence should be. I was at an impasse, but something inside me whispered, "Keep going."


When I began studying movement meditation with Ishtara, my body felt profound relief, like she was finally coming home. My Ishtara practice taught me my body WANTS to heal, and, as I LISTEN to her, she shows me how. 


Instead of either running from her or pushing her down, I am learning to move with my monster in all her many manifestations. In Ishtara, we call her my Protectress. She is very wise and, it turns out... powerful. And that warm, free-flowing liquid freedom is my Creatrix. I have learned these two energies work in tandem, and I have learned to love them both. 


By moving the energy that had frightened me for so long, along with the flowing, sparkly energy that is easy to love, my nervous system's capacity to hold big things has grown exponentially. I now trust that my body can process all of my feelings, even the tricky ones. Because of these new skills, my courage is back. My intuition is more potent. I walk into rooms with my whole self… shadows and all. I have found freedom and sovereignty on stage and in my writing. 


I have also found safety in the robust Ishtara community; these women, men, and everyone in between have my back, and I have theirs. Practicing Ishtara has transformed my relationships and career in ways I didn't think were possible. 


I would love to teach you these skills. Again, the world needs all of you…even your gorgeous, shy, needy, messy and irresistible monster.  


If this work resonates with you and your body says yes, I encourage you to sign up. If the price is prohibitive, we can work something out. If the work calls to you, but I'm not your match, there are many, many teachers are on this page, and I strongly recommend all of them. 


If your body says "yes" but not yet, don't worry, we will always be here.


Much Love,



Quotes from Amy’s Beta Body Alchemy students:

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have been part of your first class. I'm grateful to have discovered this work, but especially grateful to have discovered it under your guidance and with such a terrific group of women. You have a real gift for leading this work. I was only able to be open and vulnerable because you created a safe space to do that.” 

—Amy Fox (TV writer, screenwriter,  playwright, teacher)

“Thank you for being our midwife in this process and such a gentle spirit. I felt really safe and cradled by everyone, and I echo what (another student) said about you setting the intention to make this work  possible… I feel so lucky to have met all of you and be a part of the process.” —Nic

“Thank you for creating the space and inviting us to be moved. Thank you for the deep thought you put into our Body Soul ceremony. Each of our anthems were so spot on powerful and witnessing all of the dances was by far the most pleasurable thing I’ve ever done on zoom.”


“I absolutely loved the class.” 


 “Another beautiful class and an honor to watch you take flight as a teacher and guide us and provide such a beautiful, safe space.”



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