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Tyson Maley, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher


Meet Tyson

My name is Tyson, and I thank you for visiting my page. The impact Ishtara has had on my life is profound and I couldn’t be more honored to share the practice with those that feel called.


Before Ishtara, my relationship with my body has always been neutral at best. At its worst my body was a battleground. I was constantly trying to contort it to look a certain way and actively suppressing the cues it was giving me. When I found Ishtara I was in a deep state of grief. I had been fluctuating between states of dissociating from my feelings or being in unbearable pain for months. 


Ishtara allowed me to start to go into my body and form a true relationship with her. At first, I found it really hard to start to touch on my heart, the emotions, and process the loss in my attachment system. Slowly, but surely, I was able to work with my body and nervous system through the meditative movement. My days started to get a bit lighter. Little by little I was able to meet myself, my emotions, the sensations and begin to process my experience. I began to heal in a way I didn’t believe was possible. 


As I’ve continued with Ishtara the devotion I have found within my body has seeped into every aspect of who I am. I am able to recognize, communicate and express my emotions and needs in a healthy way. For the first time in my life I have dreams and desires for myself, not just going along with what I was told to dream and desire. 


The parts of me who felt like they were not allowed - the messy, the loud, the sad, the angry, the dramatic - have been welcomed back with a warm embrace. The parts of me I didn’t think were there - the fierce, the powerful, the loving, the open, the luxurious and playful - have been reintroduced to my nervous system and allowed to shine.


My experience has been one of homecoming. That is what I desire for each one of my students. To come home to themselves. 


A few testimonials about working with me:


"Body Alchemy was such an eye opening experience for me. It is more than just a new form of movement, it is a safe space for you to dig deep into yourself and surround yourself with so much love and support. Tyson was an amazing teacher - she has this innate ability to bring such warmth and tranquility to the class. She will always make you feel loved, supported, and strong even when you don't feel it yourself. I really appreciated her being so focused on each student and even setting up time outside of classes for anyone who needed it. Tyson is so committed to Ishtara and is able to teach and explain lessons so comprehensively for everyone. I loved being in class with her and the other women in our group every week!" - Erin H.


"I’ve definitely experienced a transformation. When I started, I was heavy in my body—laden with all my responsibilities and roles I play to serve others. Body Alchemy with Tyson, helped me shift and lighten my load—emotionally and physically. Now whenever I feel emotion stuck in my body, I move, meditate, and empower myself through Ishtara. This modality has helped me deepen my relationship with my intuition, my body, and my emotions. Tyson creates a safe space to embody your inner goddess and take her (and her power) out into the world with you." -Tracey-Ann R. 

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