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Stacè Middlebrooks, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher

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Meet Stacè 

Stacè teaches from love and freedom.


I am a woman on mission to help women come home to themselves and awaken their gifts through the deep remembering of who they are. This kind of freedom requires safety, something I used to believe was outside of me.


In my corporate career of sales, HR, and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging), there was safety in titles and promotions, a pretty cushy life actually. However, I never felt safe.


My Blackness wasn't safe. My Womanhood wasn't safe. The "me" of me wasn't safe. So, I learned early how to perform, how to always be proving myself, how to exchange the idea of me for safety. I was living a disembodied life except for when I was teaching Middle Eastern dance, singing, or doing something artful (of course, after work, so the image of me wouldn't be compromised). The thought of hiding who I am, my gifts, and my talents makes my whole body cringe now! Yet, that is what I had been doing.


When I left corporate in 2015 I thought safety and freedom would come so naturally and easily as I started my own company, Purpose Powered Coaching + Consulting. Wrong! I had been so programmed and conditioned to a system that was never designed for me that I couldn't find my sense of safety and freedom as I knew it.


Something bigger, deeper was calling me to reclaim safety and freedom in a new my body! She began to remind me of who I am, reclaim the fullness of my identity from the inside out, and to step into my greatness. You can too!


Through several teachers, coaches, and guides I found my way back home to myself. This homecoming eventually led me to the incredible Ishtara work I get to teach now.


Ishtara Body was my medicine for the ailments of not belonging, not feeling fully seen, and not trusting the feminine. Ishtara Body reminded me of my truth, my devotion, and sparked my liberation. In Ishtara Body, my Blackness and my Womanhood were seen, welcomed, and honored. I got to remember who I am.


I am an inner power activator. I am a purpose Ignitor. I claim all of who I am in service of being a Wayshower Woman for women called to come home to themselves.


We get to come home to our incredible, magical, beautiful, loving, joyful selves. We get to put down the masks we feel obligated to wear and honor the depths of who we are. We get to awaken her. She never left us. She is waiting for us.


I can't wait to hold your hand and walk you back home to yourself, to your safety and freedom, to your greatness!

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