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By booking any service, course, or program, Student agrees to these terms and conditions that governs student’s participation in Ishtara courses and programs (sometimes referred to herein as “the practice” or “this practice”) whether offered in person or online through zoom or other online platform by Ishtara.




Ishtara courses includes education on somatic approaches to healing and a moving meditation practice. The fee for the class is payable in advance.  Due to the nature of this work, Ishtara is NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason. Once the fee is paid, and prior to each session, students will receive a link to attend along with access to all other relevant material each week.  


I understand that Ishtara course, programs, and practices may be taught online through Zoom or another platform as designated by Ishtara. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to assure that I have the technology and bandwidth necessary to access the class and I waive any claim arising out of the failure of technology, including the need by Ishtara to reschedule one or more classes as a result of any failure of technology.




Student further understands and acknowledges that Ishtara courses, programs, and practices  are not therapy and that the class is not taught, nor has it been created by a licensed therapist or any person with a license in any field of mental or psychological health or counseling.


The staff at Ishtara are not licensed therapists, nor are they medically trained, and this course is not intended to be a substitute for professional therapy or medical care, be it physical or psychological. I understand that if I have or develop physical, mental, psychological or emotional issues, it is my responsibility to seek and procure that help.




Student hereby agrees that any and all inventions, discoveries, developments, improvements and innovations created, made and/or conceived by ISHTARA are the sole intellectual property of ISHTARA. The Ishtara Method is an original and proprietary invention of Tracy Harward. Student agrees to not use or teach the Ishtara Method or to claim it as their own by renaming it or slightly modifying it.




Moving meditation, dance, and other body work can be strenuous and may involve physical exertion and like any physical activity, participation in the Ishtara courses, programs and practices may create a risk of injury.  I understand that I am responsible for knowing my own limitations with regard to this practice and the other activities I intend to undertake as part of this practice.  I have no known medical limitation, physical or emotional, which would prevent me from participating herein and I agree to take full responsibility for practicing within my physical and emotional boundaries.  I agree to inform the instructor immediately if any injury occurs to me or others during my practice.


I further understand that the activity contemplated as part of my work and experience with Ishtara courses, programs, and practices may bring up emotional and psychological responses which may be difficult and challenging. I understand the risk of this consequence and warrant and affirm that I am participating with a full understanding of that risk and of my own volition.


I hereby waive and release any claim that I may have at any time for injury of any kind against Tracy Harward,  Ishtara, or its parent company, Anima Marketing Inc., or any person or entity involved therewith, including but not limited to its members, managers, licensed teachers, employees, agents, representatives, locations or hosts to the full extent allowed by the law and should I have a viable claim relating to my participation herein, my reasonable and foreseeable damages should be limited to a refund of my tuition and no further amount.



 By booking a service, I agree to the terms and conditions, I agree that I have carefully read and understand the above.

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