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Ishtara programs.


New Ishtara Programs!

We are delighted to offer new ways to practice Ishtara for experienced students. You must be a graduate of Ishtara Body Alchemy to join Ishtara Move. You must apply to join Ishtara Journey. 

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Ishtara Move

Join us for a 1.5 hour educational series for a deep dive into emotional alchemy and movement vocabulary. Each session includes an in depth lesson on emotional alchemy, curated music, movement prompts, and guided alchemies for emotional transformation.

You will discover new energies and expand the vocabulary of your body. I have seen high practitioners and Ishtara teachers experience breakthroughs in self discovery and deepen their relationship to who they are in their body. Come play with us in Ishtara Move!

Ishtara Move Sessions | $288

Starts January 16, Tuesdays 3pm - 4:30pm MST

Session 1 | Fury (moving anger to passion). Session 2 | Mystery

(moving fear to mystery), Session 3 | Ecstasy (moving agony to ecstasy

Session 4 | Icy (moving disgust to confidence). Session 5 | Poetry (moving sadness to profoundness). Session 6 | Serenity (moving stress to peace)

Ishtara Journeys

Each personalized Ishtara Journey gives you a way to intentional heal, transform, or create something over a 3 months that is supported with private sessions, personalized practice design together with Tracy, and weekly support in a private group.


Ishtara Journey Sessions | $2200

Limited to 4 people.

January 15, Mondays 6pm - 8pm MST

January 16, Tuesdays 10am-12pm MST


3 month journey, 2 hour sessions with just 4 people, personalized attention and guidance, more time per person, 2 series, 10 practice sessions, 2 privates (30 minutes each), personalized practice design, private group with personal support during office hours.

Please email to apply.

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