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Ishtara programs.


New Ishtara Programs!

We are delighted to offer new ways to practice Ishtara for experienced students. You must be a graduate of Ishtara Body Alchemy to join Ishtara Move. You must apply to join Ishtara Journey. 

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Ishtara Move

Join us for a 1 hour moving meditation class for emotional alchemy. Each session includes 15 minute lessons on emotional alchemy, curated music, movement prompts, and guided alchemies for emotional transformation.

Ishtara Move Sessions | $222

Starts October 31, Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm MST

Session 1 | Fury (moving anger to passion). Session 2 | Mystery

(moving fear to mystery), Session 3 | Ecstasy (moving agony to ecstasy

Session 4 | Icy (moving disgust to confidence). Session 5 | Poetry (moving sadness to profoundness). Session 6 | Serenity (moving stress to peace)

  • Tuesdays 6pm -7pm MST

    Starts Nov 1

    222 US dollars

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Ishtara Journeys

Each personalized Ishtara Journey gives you a way to intentional heal, transform, or create something over a 3 months that is supported with private sessions, personalized practice design together with Tracy, and weekly support in a private group.


Ishtara Journey Sessions | $2200

Limited to 4 people.

Begins 9/27, Wednesdays 3pm - 5pm MST


3 month journey, 2 hour sessions with just 4 people, personalized attention and guidance, more time per person, 2 series, 10 practice sessions, 2 privates (30 minutes each), personalized practice design, private group with personal support during office hours.

Please email to apply.

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