Sand Dunes

Return to your body and you return to yourself because your body is the lived experience of who you are.

There was a time when the body was the path and both nature and the body were revered. The body was a path of healing. The body was a way of creating. And the body was the path to becoming. In those times, the body was seen as a sacred being and the source of everything - life, love, power, and creation.


Your body is life and there is no life without the body. Your body is everything you love about being alive -from the pleasure of a first kiss, to the deliciousness of your favorite meal, the sweet smell of blossoms in Spring, the melt of a warm embrace, the beauty of a sunset, and the the love you feel in your heart. 


Your body is love. Your body lives to serve you and give to you for your entire life. Your body may not always look or feel the way we want. Yet every day your body delights you with the pleasures of your senses and gives you the gift of your life.

  And your body is so much more. So much is waiting for you in your body. I invite you to choose your body as your path and discover a path of healing, creating, and becoming that is beyond your wildest dreams.


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Sand Dunes

Body Alchemy is a way to work with your psychology in your body that works quickly and gets real results you can see and feel.

We live in a world that separates us from our body and looks to the brain as the primary way to learn and to heal. But your brain is only one part of an entire system of your body. And more importantly, over 30 years of somatic research and studies is finding that the body is the way to heal the emotions and memories stored in your body.


Body Alchemy is a way to heal the emotions of your past in your body through movement. Body Alchemy is a two part practice that releases the emotion that is stored in the body and rewires you patterns of being and relating that come from your past. The result is you feel better and show up more powerfully in your relationships and your life.


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Spilling Sand

Body Alchemy is a practice that teaches you how to use movement to balance your emotions, heal your past, and create your reality.

You can heal your past in your body by working with your body memory. Did you know your body remembers everything? Your body remembers differently than your brain. Your brain remembers your past by thinking. Your body remembers your past by feeling.


Your body memory is energy in your body. The energy in your body is there for a reason. It is designed to move your body into action to keep you safe. However, many times in our past we were too young to take the actions we needed - or it was unsafe. The result is the energy was stored in the body. By learning to move this energy, you can release the emotions stored in your body and become more free. 

Body Alchemy teaches you a way to release the emotional energy in your body through movement. You learn to follow your body and not your brain in breath, sensation, and emotion and to use soothing and comfort to allow energy to flow freely. 

By releasing our stored emotions, we feel better. And most practices for healing with the body result in releasing. Body Alchemy also rewires your patterns in your body. Your past is more than a feeling.  Your past is also a pattern in your ways of being and of relating to yourself and others.


Learning to rewire your patterns your body through movement can be game changing. And by taking the Body Alchemy Course, you also benefit from group work and mirroring practices which are also highly effective at healing our wounds and patterns  in relationship. 

If you have ever found yourself reacting to someone or something or becoming more emotional than normal and saying or doing something outside of the way you normally behave - or if  you have generalized anxiety, PTSD, or CPTSD - if you are in a pattern in love, money, or your relationship to yourself and you have tried all the things from talk therapy, to meditation, to self-help gurus and books, and all the trainings and the pattern is persisting - you may find the answers you are seeking in your body and Body Alchemy. 

Meet Tracy.

I am devoted to teaching people how to heal in their body. I only teach what I have lived in my body. I measure a 9 on the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score -having experienced most types of trauma from 7 to 15 years of age - yet I am thriving in my relationships, work, and life. Learning to heal trauma in my body made this possible for me. Body Alchemy comes from my lived experience and over 8 years of high practice with master teachers in somatic (body) psychology and somatic spirituality, plus 20 years of advanced practice and study of gestalt therapy, trauma therapy for CPTSD and PTSD, attachment psychology, and transpersonal therapy. I am trained as a yoga teacher (500 RYT) with an emphasis on yoga for healing trauma. I am not a licensed therapist, a healer, or a guru. Your body is your healer. I am a teacher and a guide who speaks body fluently.



I discovered the being who is my body 8 years ago, and she changed my life. I experienced an awakening in my body that started everything. I was experiencing some very strong emotions as a result of being in my body for a few days, and instead of running from my feelings, I went toward them as sensation in my body and in the safe comfort of a few women who love me. Then something happened. I experienced a part of me wake up in my body.


It was a remembering. I experienced it as a part of me awakening and rising in my body after 40 years of being asleep. I felt her intuitively as a part of me I had hidden deep inside my body as a result of trauma I experienced as a child. She was a young part of me, the innocent and magical part of me. And now she was awake. 

I returned home and started dancing daily. She had a lot to say. I started moving everything I was feeling in my body every morning. I cried every day for 90 days. I cried in a new way - without suffering - it was like wringing sadness and past stories in my body, like wringing water out of towel.

My life started changing rapidly. My triggers started disappearing. Every time I moved a sad story in my body, it felt like she had nothing more to say. I started learning how triggers were simply experiences that touched  memories in my body - and as I was allowing my body to let our her feelings, the sadness, and any pain of my memories melted away. 

As my body become more clear, I started noticing more moments of joy arising in my body. I gave myself space to weave in higher states as I was moving. And like magic, if I danced it, it would show up my reality. Within 90 days everything change. 

Suddenly I was leaving a 20 year long career working as an executive. I was grateful for the work, but working in cubicles in a masculine environment was draining me. I had no idea what to do to change things. So one day I decided to ask my body. I danced  the question of "what am I doing?" I felt my body agreeing it was time to change. I felt an energy come into my body - it was a NO -and it rippled through me to my core. Within 30 days of this experience, I was leaving corporate life with my partners being pleased to give me a year's salary to start a new life.


I was able to fulfill a long held dream of living by the ocean. I landed in the most magical place with fruit, flowers, and hummingbirds in a neighborhood where the houses were separated only by a sidewalk. The 'walk streets' were like a secret garden, lined with exotic gates, and covered by romantic trees hanging with lanterns. I took a 3 month sabbatical and let myself dance every day and continue to follow my body. 

I intended to start working again after 3 months.  To the day, people started calling me out of the blue with opportunities. I began a new way of earning my living - on my own terms working half the time and making twice the money and working from wherever I pleased. I was free from corporate life. And I have continued to be able to work in this way for 7 years without ever creating a web site or selling myself. It still amazes me. And I am deeply grateful.  


So much more has happened to me. More than I can share here. Rest assured everything I teach, I learned, healed, experienced and created in my own body. I realize my results are extraordinary. They come from the magic of my body. Your body journey is unique to you. And creating a new reality for yourself will depend on your willingness to be in your own body and the quality of your devotion to your practice. 

I waited a very long time to create this course. I waited until I could truly say I lived the principles in my body. I waited until I could also say I was able to help others transform their lives in their bodies.


I started the process 5 years ago by teaching for free. I started being asked to  teach women at retreats. Again, out of the blue. I began hosting practice groups for women for free as well. In these groups, I see women transforming in the same rapid and demonstrable ways. I practiced with different people of varying ages and walks of life , and again, the results exceeded my expectations. 

I was also able to help my then 13 year old son heal in his body and create transformation in his own life. Seeing him heal and create a new reality by learning to move his story in his body as a boy, and at such a young age , showed me this is real. I believe amazing results are possible for anybody who is willing to be in their body in this way. 


The women I practice with started saying to me - everyone needs this in their life. So in January of 2020, I wrote a book and launched this site. My plan was to continue teaching in person and test beta version of an online course. Then came the pandemic and the lock down.

March of 2020, I devoted myself to supporting people and made my online classes initially free. I began teaching every night and on the weekends to show women how to heal their trauma - not only past, but now present for all of us - in their bodies. 

I discovered a way to teach Body Alchemy online as deeply and effectively as in person. Today I teach women all over the world how to return to the power of their body and be free. 

I am now offering this practice to you.  


My passion is to share principles and practices that can connect you to your own power and return you to yourself in your body. I love that once you learn to be in your body, you are free. You can l follow your own body and your own journey in your own home at any time. Your body is your teacher and can lead you on your own amazing adventure.   

You only need to love her and learn to speak body.