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Jen Lawlor, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher


Meet Jen

I started my Ishtara practice at the height of my healing journey and from my innermost desire to become a mother. Therapy was only scratching the surface of what I wanted to uncover and heal. I knew I needed additional support. Do you ever feel like you could talk in circles and still not get any clarity? This is where I began.


As I started Body Alchemy, I was astonished by what I was learning. I was creating a whole new relationship and awareness to my body. Moving in class felt like having conversations with my body where I was learning to listen for the first time. 


While in Body Trinity I met aspects of myself that I was honestly scared to engage with. The safety of the class and the trauma informed curriculum allowed me to explore areas I wasn’t initially comfortable with. I too have lived experience of not feeling safe in my body, I understand how our body holds onto memories and how that can create repeating patterns in our present life. 


Within my practice I’ve been able to build up the capacity to feel safe in my body and believe in her power. “Transformation is my power and power is my birthright” is a mantra I channeled from my inner priestess after a Body Trinity class.


Ishtara has also been a container where I get to be witnessed and witness other women in our purest, most divine, potent selves! There is just nothing else like being held in a safe container, being witnessed, receiving frames from women who see you and then getting to witness your classmates do the same. I know the transmissions that I continue to receive in class while witnessing my fellow sisters change me on a cellular level.


I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to create a container for your expansion!

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