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Allison Burch, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher

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Meet Allison

I am Love. As are you.


The moment I stepped into my first Ishtara class - Body Alchemy - I knew I was home.


I met my body again and she remembered me and welcomed me back. “I’ve been here all this time,” she whispered.


For the first half of my life I was deeply connected to my body and to movement and dance. Dance was a part of my life and brought me so much joy - ballet classes as a child, choreographing dances with friends for our parents, dancing in showcases in high-school and college, and soaking up all of the community and professional troupes performing in our town. 


I see now how much I took all of that for granted. Because as I grew older and focused on my career and started a family, life happened, and what once brought me so much joy and soul connection now only came out with the occasional kitchen dance party.


Then I found myself in mid-life, experiencing menopause, feeling really disconnected from my body and from myself. Not only did I not recognize who was looking back in the mirror but my internal, emotional landscape was in disarray.


Life coaching helped me immensely. So much so that I left an unsatisfying corporate marketing job to become a certified coach for women experiencing the discontent and desire for more that I experienced.


But there was still something missing. I saw it in my clients and in myself.


The areas where we felt most “stuck” in our lives were beyond words. Or if we had the words, we were masterful storytellers and still nothing changed.


Then I found the potent medicine that is Ishtara.


What the Ishtara practice does is integrate healing with our entire nervous system. Through the body-mind we repattern our automatic responses, our emotional triggers, our protective patterns. It’s validated by current studies in somatics and trauma-informed psychology.


But even more important than that, by being deeply in-tune with our bodies, by having the capacity to hold all emotions and alchemize them with pleasure, and by being able to conduct potent life-force energy through our nervous system, we begin to touch realms beyond our current knowing. 


To do this in a sacred circle with other women honors our ancient wisdom and gives us access to it in a time we so desperately need and desire it.


Hi, I’m Allison. I’m a life coach, licensed Ishtara teacher and your guide to becoming more of your glorious true self. Meet your divine essence.


The path is through the body. The alchemy is Love.


I’ve walked the path and it’s so worth it. Take my hand. Let me bring you home to yourself.

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