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Become free from repeating patterns in your emotions, your relationships, and your life with
Ishtara Body Alchemy.

Love your body. Own your power. Discover your true self. Set yourself free. 


Return to your body.

Your body is the source of your patterns in your life. By returning to your body and rewiring your nervous system, you can set yourself free from unwanted patterns that show up in your relationship to yourself and others. 


Rise in your life.

We teach you how to use movement to release stored emotions and rewire your nervous system so you can rise to love, power, and freedom in your life. Start your journey in our 6-week live online course called Ishtara Body Alchemy.


Ishtara Body Alchemy creates real and lasting transformation you can feel and see in your life.

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Love your body.

Love your body by learning to listen to your body and to create a relationship to your body as a being and not a thing. 

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Rewire your patterns.

Free yourself from your conditioning, programming and patterns by rewiring your nervous system with movement and music.

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Discover your true self.

As you free yourself from your stored emotions and unwanted patterns, more of your true self rises to the surface.

For every body.

You are welcome here. You can love and move your body in any age and any shape. 

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Start your journey

Join a free introduction.

Join a free introduction to Ishtara Body Alchemy and learn how you can transform your emotions and set yourself free with movement. Register for an introduction with Tracy or a Licensed Teacher.

Work with Tracy.

Tracy is the creator of Ishtara and brings a decade of personal practice and expert training in somatic psychology to every class she teaches. Learn about Tracy and join one of her classes.

Or choose a teacher.

Our independent teachers bring years of practice and months training in our method - including trauma informed training - to your classes. Start your journey by finding the best teacher for you.

Meet our teachers.

You can learn more about any teacher by clicking on her image. Or click below to go to the teacher directory.

Ishtara Body for women.

Join a 6-week journey that teaches you to love your body, own your power, and set yourself free with movement. Your course includes live online classes, movement practices, and curated music + a 100 page guidebook.

Ishtara Body for men.

Ishtara Body for men is a rich journey into the power of  your body to transform your life. Your course includes live online classes, movement practices, and music curated for your body + a complete guidebook for your practice.


Follow us.

We love engaging with you. You can follow us on instagram @Ishtarabody.

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Contact us for a free introduction.

Contact us for information on a free introduction to Ishtara Body Alchemy or to ask us questions about our courses.

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