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Ishtara Body Alchemy

We teach you to use movement to create real and lasting transformation in your life.


Return to your body.

You sense your life in your body. You sense your love, you sense your emotions, you sense your relationships, you sense yourself. By following your senses in movement, you can transform the way you feel from your body up.


Rise in your life.

We teach you how to use movement to release emotions, heal your past, and reset your patterns so you can bring your truest nature to life. Start your journey in our 6-week live online course called Ishtara Body Alchemy.


Ishtara is a method for creating real and lasting transformation at the source - your body.

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Transform emotions.

Learn how to transform the energy of your emotions in your body in a practice of moving meditation.

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Transform patterns.

Learn to transform the patterns from your past that are stored in your body memory with movement and music.

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Transform yourself.

Create rapid and lasting transformation you can feel and see by reshaping your psychology at the source: your body.

For every body.

You are welcome here. You can love and move your body in any age and any shape. 

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Ishtara Body Alchemy

Join a 6-week journey into your body. Learn to transform your emotions with moving meditation. Your live online journey includes a 100-page guidebook.

Ishtara Body Trinity

Continue in a second 6-week journey and learn your body personality and how to transform your story of love, money, power, and worth from the body up.

Ishtara Series

Follow the path of your body and become who you are created to be by continuing in our advanced practice series guide in small groups of 6 people.

Start your journey

Ishtara Body for women.

Ishtara Body for women is an extraordinary 6-week journey that returns you to the power of your body to transform your life. Your course includes live online classes, movement practices, and music curated for your body + a 100 page guidebook.

Ishtara Body for men.

Ishtara Body for men is a rich journey into the power of  your body to transform your life. Your course includes live online classes, movement practices, and music curated for your body + a complete guidebook for your practice.


Follow us.

We love engaging with you. You can follow us on instagram @Ishtarabody.

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Contact us for a free introduction.

Contact us for information on a free introduction to Ishtara Body Alchemy or to ask us questions about our courses.

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