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Jill Heiman, Independent Licensed Ishtara Teacher


Meet Jill

Jill teaches from heart and surrender. 


Being alive right now is a magical dance and if you’re here, you hear the music too. One thing you should know about Jill is she is fiercely devoted to liberated living. She creates a portal to permission inside every class.

In addition to being an ISHTARA teacher, Jill is a Dream Life Embodiment Guide, best-selling author, podcast host, and one with nature. She is a sacred activator of dreams, helping you alchemize your vision into reality.

Full transparency, the roads to where Jill is now were definitely not linear, nor did the adventurer in her desire a straight path! Like any warrioress on the journey, she fell into darkness, faced loss, and questioned everything. She has overcome sexual assault, a canceled wedding, and climbed out of an over decade long depression haze. It has been a serious commitment over the years to create a new relationship with her body anchored in compassion and self-love. She needed to unlearn a lot to remember the authentic leader she was born to be in this lifetime and she knows she is not the only one doing this courageous soul work.

Duality in fiery action married to still intuition is Jill’s continuous practice inside her life. As she was a collegiate athlete and has spent nearly 20 years in corporate sales, the DOing became an easy routine. She dedicated herself to her own unraveling at a retreat in 2017 and since then has embarked on the practice of embodiment and BEing with self.

Learning how to listen and surrender to the voice of her heart is how she knew she would be teaching this path that is ISHTARA.

Jill flirts with life by living in the both-and, believing you can have it all. One moment she is romping naked in the forest at her retreat sanctuary, The Nest and the next mentoring corporate execs. She is an advocate for your voice and choice blended with your expression and acceptance into your own sacred remembering. What she knows for sure is when you choose to live life listening to the music of your heart, your life will be a playful adventure!

The wave of life is inevitable, but learning the ISHTARA practice will support you to walk hand in hand with your body!  Jill is here to serve as your guide to the conscious awakening of your true, authentic self.

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Ishtara Body Alchemy Journey

Join me for a 3 month journey to totally transform your relationship to your body, your emotions, and your past and to learn the practice of body alchemy. To learn more, join a free introduction. Ready to join? Choose to pay in full or make your deposit to reserve your spot. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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