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Create abundance this Summer.

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Ishtara 8 is a journey into abundance. Your journey includes an 8 session Creatrix masterclass and a 4 day, 4 night in person retreat in beautiful Calais, Vermont. Our retreat coincides with a potent portal that opens on 8|8.

In ancient times, an alignment of the sun, the earth, and the stars was celebrated as a portal opening to abundance. In our times, the portal opens on 8/8. Connect with your abundant nature by embodying the energies of the Creatrix this Summer.

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Image by Joyce G

Are you ready for a sacred and sensual journey into the body of abundance? Join us for Ishtara 8.

What if being in your pleasure is the secret to creating your desires? Let's spend a Summer bringing ripe and delicious energies into our bodies and create abundance in our lives.

8 Sessions | Creatrix Masterclass

Turn on abundance in your body with a masterclass series on the Creatrix. Includes 8, 1-hour sessions + private community.

8 Gates | Creatrix Energies

Bring the 8 creative energies of joy, pleasure, power, love, wonder, magic, abundance, and ecstasy into your body.

88 Hours | Summer Retreat

88 blissful Summer hours dancing, resting, and playing in nature on 36 pristine acres in Calais, Vermont.

8/8 | Portal Ritual

Dance in the potent portal celebrated by the ancients to set fire to your desires.


Room, food, and transportation during your stay are all included in your fee. Flights are not included.


Ishtara 8 Program  

Summer 2023  | Retreat August 5 -8

Your program combines virtual sessions with an in person retreat in Vermont.  Each session includes a workbook, private community, and practices to bring the Creatrix to life during the week.

Creatrix Masterclass Series

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Virtual Masterclass

Learn to embody each Creatrix energy in lively virtual sessions with Tracy, practical workbook exercises, and magical prompts that surprise and delight your body delivered each week. You can also share and be supported in the private community. 

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Holden House

Calais, Vermont

Holden House is an invitation to breathe the seasons and slow down time. It is an off-the-radar exquisitely private residence where we can sit with our essential selves; dance with our soul; nurture our powers of self-healing and transformation; and reclaim our laughter.


Holden House sits on 36 quiet acres of forest and field. The house itself, built in the 1860s, is spacious and filled with sunlight. The large kitchen provides ample room for congregating around the stove to cook, talk, and share. The great room enables groups to gather, sit, or dance, while the library and break-out rooms upstairs call for reading, relaxing, or creating. From every window, guests are met by views of towering old maple trees and rolling green mountains.


Here is a place to reconnect — with ourselves, others, and nature. Here is a space for inspired ritual and ceremony; for invigorating and playful gatherings; for deep, radical rest; and for birthing new ways of being together.

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Summer Retreat in Vermont

August 5-8, 2023 | all inclusive

4 days and 4 nights of practice, pleasure, and play.

In person sessions with Tracy.

Exclusive use of the land for 10 women.

3 nourishing meals per day prepared with love.
Fireside gatherings.
Trips into nature for walks, waterfalls, and hiking.

Lake swimming and berry picking.

Sacred spaces for meditating and connecting. 

Internet | Wifi

Transportation to and from airport.

Time to rest in solitude and beauty.

Activations, Rituals and Ceremonies.

Movement Practice in person!

Return on 8/9

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Your room, meals, and transportation to and from the airport to the retreat are included.

Indulge your senses and soothe your nervous system in this extraordinary Vermont farmstead. This freshly renovated historic farmhouse offers elegant and wonderfully comfortable rooms. Furnished with a mixture of vintage and contemporary furniture, rich textiles and rugs, art, books, and beautiful objects, this rambling and spacious house boasts many rooms for gathering. Starlink and wifi is available throughout the house. The well-appointed variety of bedrooms offer privacy and peaceful views of exquisite rolling mountains and towering old maple trees.

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Your price includes

masterclass series + 4 day, 4 night retreat + private community + workbook + 20 hours of live sessions + 4 nights at Holden House + 3 meals per day + transportation to and from airport.


* Travel to airport not included.

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room, meals, and transportation $1400 value, 4 day retreat $2200 value, masterclass series $888 value - total value $4488

Reserve your spot.

Pay a non refundable deposit or pay in full and save $88.

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