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Ishtara- The Path of the Body

The Body Alchemy Course returns you to the power of your body and gives you everything you need to start a personal practice that is free. Ishtara is a path to discover the soul of your body and become who you are created to be.


Return to your body and you return to yourself because your body is the lived experience of who you are.

There was a time when the body was the path and both nature and the body were revered. The body was a path of healing. The body was a way of creating. And the body was the path to becoming. In those times, the body was seen as a sacred being and the source of everything - life, love, power, and creation.


Your body is life and there is no life without the body. Your body is everything you love about being alive -from the pleasure of a first kiss, to the deliciousness of your favorite meal, the sweet smell of blossoms in Spring, the melt of a warm embrace, the beauty of a sunset, and the the love you feel in your heart. 


Your body is love. Your body lives to serve you and give to you for your entire life. Your body may not always look or feel the way we want. Yet every day your body delights you with the pleasures of your senses and gives you the gift of your life.

  And your body is so much more. So much is waiting for you in your body. I invite you to choose your body as your path and discover a path of healing, creating, and becoming that is beyond your wildest dreams.


Body Alchemy works is because of we go beyond other practices that only release the energy of emotions and trauma. Body Alchemy both releases and rewires a new way of being in your body and creates real transformation in your life.

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Sand Dunes

Body Alchemy is a way to work with your psychology in your body that works quickly and gets real results you can see and feel.

We live in a world that separates us from our body and looks to the brain as the primary way to learn and to heal. But your brain is only one part of an entire system of your body. And more importantly, over 30 years of somatic research and studies is finding that the body is the way to heal the emotions and memories stored in your body.


Body Alchemy is a way to heal the emotions of your past in your body through movement. Body Alchemy is a two part practice that releases the emotion that is stored in the body and rewires you patterns of being and relating that come from your past. The result is you feel better and show up more powerfully in your relationships and your life.

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