Meet Monica.

I bring over 15 years of cultivating deep soul work – heart, mind, body and spirit. My superpower is an embodied intuition that has guided my entire life. Growing up, I was always encouraged to listen and nourish a rich sensing of this world and all we think we cannot see. I use these gifts of being richly empathic, a seer and communicator to amplify my desire for others to heal, trust and wildly love their deepest, truest selves. I am endlessly obsessed with the way vulnerable inner work + being witnessed in love and safety transforms lives.


For over a decade, I have curated sacred spaces for women to gather, connect, heal, and light their hearts on fire with new realms of self-love. I founded a grass-roots community stemming from the needs of my own broken heart. The nonprofit, called House Of Your Heart, offers courses, retreats, and monthly gatherings of women to encourage all beings to look within to free themselves while being witnessed in love and support.


I love designing the weaving of details and movements of an event, a body, a conversation, or a heart – into a poetic, luminescent experience. Having treated myself to therapy for over half my life, I am constantly immersed in teachings, practices, and understanding of trauma – with a focus of how it affects the heart, inter-personal relationships and relationship with self.


I have extensive personal experience with addiction, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, PTSD, C-PTSD, mental illness, physical illness, (especially how it pertains to relationship between body and illness), and am trained as a yoga teacher (200 RYT) with an emphasis on yoga for healing trauma.


My experience and training through the Ishtara Journey has enriched the intimacy with my own desires, beliefs, and personal truths. Alongside women also doing this work, I found it shored up the boundaries of safety and increased my ability to thrive drastically. It continues to enable me to throw off the shackles of social and cultural expectations and embrace the conflict of standing up for myself in a way that sensuously tastes like self-love.


My purpose is refined, my visions expansive, my desires juicy and my capacity to find and feel pleasure ever-compounding. I am an artist, musician, poet, introverted traveler, voracious reader, and Gaia lover. Along with being an Ama to two little boys, I live in the sweltering heat of Austin, Texas with an alarming number of decorative pillows and faux-fur blankets. I cannot wait to dance the next part of your story with you.