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Ishtara. Be moved.

Join us on a journey that teaches you how to use movement to transform your life and feel powerful, passionate, and free.


Return to your body.

There was a time when the body was the path and both nature and the body were revered. The body was a path of healing. The body was a way of creating. And the body was the path to becoming. In those times, the body was seen as the sacred source of life, love, power, and creation.


Rise in your life.

Discover the true nature of your body in an Ishtara movement journey and turn on the power of your body to transform your life.


Ishtara courses uniquely blend lessons in somatic psychology with movement and safe groups to create transformation in just 6-weeks.


Learn body psychology

Learn the psychology of your body and how to transform your patterns and your past, including trauma, from the body up.


Transform with movement

Practice Ishtara, a beautiful movement method created from years of study in somatic approaches to transformation.


Connect in a group 

Create rapid transformation that lasts by practicing together. We safely guide small groups and facilitate deep connections.

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Be moved by the emotional story of your body in one of our courses.


Ishtara Move Course

Learn the art of transformation through movement. You will learn the principles of emotional alchemy and the practice of moving meditation in this 4-week guided journey into your body.

Ishtara Body Course

Learn to transform the patterns from your past that are stored in your body memory with movement and music. Your 6-week journey includes live instruction and a100 page guidebook.

Ishtara Soul Course

Discover the soul of your body, your Ishtara, and become who you are created to be. Ishtara Soul is a 6-month virtual journey that includes an in person retreat in awe inspiring locations.

Start your journey

Ishtara Move

Ishtara Move teaches you to transform your emotions with movement. Learn to move in meditation and follow the emotional story of your body in breath, sensation, and pleasure.

Ishtara Body for women.

Ishtara Body for women is an extraordinary 6-week journey that returns you to the power of your body to transform your life. Your course includes live online classes, movement practices, and music curated for your body + a 100 page guidebook.

Ishtara Body for men.

Ishtara Body for men is a rich journey into the power of  your body to transform your life. Your course includes live online classes, movement practices, and music curated for your body + a complete guidebook for your practice.


Follow us.

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Contact us for a free introduction.

Contact us for information on a free introduction to Ishtara Body Alchemy or to ask us questions about our courses.

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