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Ishtara Gold 

Ishtara Gold turns your practice into a path of transformation. Join us on seasonal journeys that combine live events with monthly and weekly practice prompts and a private community. You also get access to mini courses on the Protectress and Liberator, movement and song suggestions, and live Q&A's with Tracy.

Ishtara Gold is a path of transformation.

Alchemy is the art of transforming ordinary substance into pure gold. Ishtara Gold gives you a new transformation each season and puts a year of practice in the palm of your hand.


See inside . . . 

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Seasonal Journeys

Join us each season for a live event to initiate you into a path of transformation followed by monthly prompts and weekly tips so you can create your desires. 

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New Courses!
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Protectress and Liberator Courses!

Ishtara Gold features courses on the Protectress and the Liberators. Learn more about their energy and their music. Listen to the sound on their body and get their playlists right on your phone. 

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Start your 14 day free day trial! 
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Safe sharing and celebration!

It's here! Introducing Ishtara's first community area for safely sharing. Share your journey, reach for support, be celebrated in your movement, and more!

Live Events!
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Join us for the Ishtara Gold Launch!

Start your free 14 day trial today and attend the launch event inside Ishtara Gold. You can also use your free trial to explore the spaces and see if you like it. At the launch, you will learn about the journey for Fall and receive a special opportunity to be a part of the first Ishtara Gold Series groups. 

See you inside!
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